| July/August 1990

Perkins vertical engine


Bill DeBolt

25/7/32 Climax Engines Jim Hudkins, Long Acres Farm, Hudkins Drive, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223 would like to hear from other owners of Climax engines, particularly the Climax R 41 or circa 1950.

25/7/33 Stover-Lauson Q. We need information on a Stover engine built by Lauson, as shown in the photo. Need to know about the carb, magneto , and the oil pump. It is shown on page 494 of American Gas Engines. Bud Denny, PO Box 2242, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35403.

25/7/34 McCormick 10-20 Q. I am restoring a 1931 10-20 IHC McCormick tractor would like to know its proper colors. Kenneth Grant, P.O. Box 245, Galway, New York 12074-0245.

A. See the earlier question in this regard for the gray and red numbers required.

25/7/35 Hot Air Engines Q. I am interested in old hot air engines and steam engines, not only big, but also models. Are there any magazines devoted to steam engines and dynamos? Are there shops in the USA for old machines? Are there meetings about these things? Any information will be appreciated. Franz Mock, Lederergasse 25, A-3500, Krems, Austria.

A. If anyone cares to share information with Mr. Mock, kindly do so. We don't know of anything devoted strictly to engines and dynamos, and we don't know of any shops in the U.S. that are still building machines of this type. We can tell you though that there are a great many shows and meetings about the general subject of vintage steam. Elsewhere in your letter you note that you will be in the U.S. this Fall, and that is the ideal time to see a great many shows here.