| July/August 1989

24/7/19 Unidentified engine Q. See the photo of a pump engine we acquired. It had been in a scrap yard for 30 years. The flywheel diameter is 28 inches with a 2? inch face, and a belt pulley of 12 inch diameter and a 6 inch face. Any information will be appreciated. John Beekman, Box 24, Trochu A.B., Canada.

A. We believe this to be a Fairbanks-Morse Jack-of-All-Trades engine, and the wheel sizes given match up to their 4 HP model. FBM did in fact supply some of these engines with the domestic heating radiator that is shown with your engines, as did a few other companies. Oftentimes, an oil coolant was used, and this obviated the need for an anti-freeze solution in cold climates. The serial number of 92058 would indicate that your engine was probably built about 1910.

24/7/20 Hot Air Engine See photos 20A and 20B of a hot air engine recently acquired. After much searching, I have concluded that it is probably a Thomas &. Smith engine, but the hot bulb and burner are missing. This one appears to have been fired with liquid or gaseous fuel. Can anyone out there in engine land help me find out what parts are needed to complete this engine? Also see photo 20C of a model of this engine. While the original has a 4 inch bore, the model uses a 2 1/8 inch bore. A. R. Davies, RR 2, Bracebridge, Ontario P0B 1C0 Canada.

24/7/21 International 8-16 Tractor Q. Can anyone give me the proper color scheme for an IHC 8-16 tractor of 1922 vintage? Everyone I talk with has a different idea about this. Paul K. Norton, 692 Saratoga Road, Pottstown, PA 19464.

A. We believe your tractor to be gray, and have listed DuPont 98620 or 6923 as the proper shades-even these two listings vary a bit! The wheels should be red and the lettering black. Possibly though, some of our readers have researched the matter more thoroughly and will be able to supply the color scheme that they have used in their own restoration.

24/7/22 Ferguson tractor Q. We have a Ferguson tractor, s/n 56,068 that was left to us by our grand father. If possible we would like to know the year built, and if it is considered to be a collectible tractor. Where might I obtain a repair manual for this tractor, and what is its approximate value? W. M. Santorelly, 331 Lake Region Blvd., Monroe, NY 10950.