| July/August 1988

23/7/21 Q. I recently acquired a Greyhound tractor. The serial number on the rear housing is 22600 and the engine number is 43536. When was this tractor built, and what are the proper colors? Any information will be appreciated. Robert L. Lauson, 24755 Northlea Dr., South Bend, IN 46619.

A. As you probably know, this tractor was built by Allis-Chalmers, with the biggest difference being that a different top radiator tank casting was used. Obviously the tractor in the photo has 'Greyhound' cast in place. Your tractor was built in 1929, according to the Allis-Chalmers serial number listings.

23/7/22 Q. Can anyone identify the Webster igniter body in the photo? It bears the number 303K12. The bolts are on 2-inch centers and mounts on the engine with three 5/16 inch bolts in a symmetrical pattern. Measured from center to center of the bolts die distance is 2 1/8 inches. John Preston, 2455 Hickory Lawn, Rochester, MI 48063.

A. Our information on Webster magnetos does not include the 303K12 number. Anybody out there who can help?

23/7/23 Q. I take the device in this photo to be part of an old grain mill, but need to have additional information so that I can restore it. Any help whatever will be appreciated. Walter Nieland, 1610 N. West,, Carroll, Iowa 51401.

A. The corrugated rolls appear to be crushing rolls rather than grinding rolls. When used for grinding purposes, roller mills usually have one roll turning faster than the other. But then, what you have may have been used for something else entirely. We don't know, but perhaps one of our readers has seen a similar device.