| July/August 1986

21/7/10 Q. I need information on a Sandwich 1 HP engine, s/n A23603. It was buried in a cranberry bog. It turns over, but is missing the head. How do I go about finding one, and what year would this engine be? Ed Schnurr, 12 Cedrus Road, Sharon, MA 02067.

A. We would suggest advertising in GEM for a head, and also check the parts available at the many shows and swap meets. We would guess your engine to be of 1920's vintage.

2I/7/11 Q. Edward G. Belles, 17 Mist Hill Dr., Brookfield, CT 06804 sends a photo of a restored 6 HP Hercules engine (21/7/11a). Photo 21/7/11b shows a 7 HP Economy engine that a group of volunteers at the Mystic Seaport Museum, Mystic, CT are planning to restore for display on the fishing schooner L. A. Dunton. It carries s/n 93042. Can this engine be dated from the serial number? This might be helpful in locating missing parts.

A. There seems to be little doubt this is an Economy engine as sold by Sears, Roebuck &. Company. Since a great many Economy engines were sold, finding parts should not be extremely difficult, particularly since few changes were made to the design over a long period of production.

21/7/12 Q. I have Leader Iron Works engine, I HP, made in Decatur, Illinois. Also have a Dunn motor by Walter E. Dunn, Ogdensburg, NY. It is a small vertical, 4-cycle weighing about 80 pounds, and uses a 3 inch bore and stroke. It somewhat resembles the engine shown on page 142 of American Gas Engines. Would like any information of the above. Howard A. Houck, RD I, Galway Road, Ballston Spa, NY 12020.

A. Regarding the Leader engine, see 21/7/8 above. In the interim since American Gas Engines was published we have not found any further information on the Dunn engines, although it would appear that quite a few were built.