| July/August 1985

During the past few weeks a number of letters have been received concerning the paint color dilemma. Although we do not yet have enough to warrant publication in booklet form, we certainly appreciate the response thus far. We remain convinced that the idea WILL work, but we need your support. Even if you must reach back in memory for the approximate color of an old engine or tractor, even that information will be helpful. After all, even if a Galloway is the wrong SHADE of red, at least it is in the ballpark so far as color is concerned.

In late March, we were privileged to make a presentation at LaPorte, Indiana to the Rumely Reunion. This small, but very active group, is dedicated to preserving the OilPull legend. Several former Rumely employees were present. In visiting with them we learned that during Rumely's last years, when finances were tight, the green color varied somewhat from batch to batch, depending on the price of the product. When Rumely switched from green to gray, we are told. it was mainly because they could obtain a whole lot of gray paint at a very attractive price! To reiterate what we noted in the previous paragraph, if we have some general ideas regarding paint colors, don't hesitate to let us know.

The Reflector spent the last two weeks of March on the road. First we went to LaPorte, Indiana. In addition to our presentation for the Rumely Reunion, we walked through the old Rumely shops, now occupied by Allis-Chalmers since 1931, and completely vacant in recent times. Only a small office force remains. One day was spent at Harvey, Illinois. This is the home of the A-C engine plant formerly operated by Buda. Our remaining time was spent at A-C headquarters in West Allis, Wisconsin. During our visits we were able to photograph a large amount of material, and hopefully, this will all be compiled into a history of Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company, with a sizeable section devoted strictly to the Rumely operations. A footnote.. .While at West Allis, we watched the news release come over the Dow-Jones wire that A-C had been sold to the German firm of Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz. We always find it upsetting to see a longtime firm go down, but it is especially eerie when seeing it happen before your eyes!

In addition to the many questions and replies to same that come into the Reflections column, many nice letters have arrived concerning the new format and our column. We offer our humble thanks and hope our efforts will continue to be worthy of your time. As the new format becomes better established, we certainly welcome your articles on specific companies and/or specific engines or tractors.

20/4/1 Douglas Poor, PB & H Molding Corporation, 124 Pickard Drive East, Syracuse, NY 13211 sends us a photograph of an Avery semi portable engine he recently acquired. Mr. Poor encloses a detailed description of the engine, but is also interested in hearing from anyone else who has one of these models. You may contact Mr. proor at (315) 455-5602 between 7 AM and 3PM, Monday through Friday.

20/4/2 Q.. Can you identify this engine? E. H. Heying, 3110 Weaver Rd., Fallon, NE 89406.


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