Readers' Engine Questions

| January/February 2003

Worthington Engine

38/1/1: Worthington Engine Q. I have a Worthington 1-1/2 HP engine, serial number 45951. I would like to know where to get any information or manuals on this engine.

Did Worthington, or some other manufacturer make this engine? Can it be crossed over to some other engine? Ed Budich, 18 King St., Douglassville, PA 19518.

A: The Worthington line of engines was made by Worthington Pump & Machinery Corp., Cudahy, Wis. According to Wendel's American Gasoline Engines Since 1872, Worthington took over International Gas Engine Co., makers of the Ingeco line of engines, in 1917. Worthington continued making what were essentially Ingeco engines for some time, and in fact early Worthingtons wore the Ingeco name.

Further, there's evidence that Worthington made engines for Massey-Harris at some juncture, although we haven't been able to find out any particulars of that arrangement. It's interesting to note that at least some Worthingtons, as evidenced by the Worthington featured on page 13 of this issue, had nameplates listing Milwaukee as their place of manufacture.

38/1/2: Wilson Des Moines

I've sent these pictures to GEM for two reasons. First of all, to thank my good friend Leon Schalliol of Wyatt, Ind., for the incredible job he did restoring my Wilson Des Moines. Secondly, I wanted to send it in as a pictorial resource for GEM readers of a seldom-seen engine. Unfortunately, my photographic prowess is lacking and the pictures don't quite have the definition I had hoped for.