| January/February 1993

Greetings to each and all of you for the holiday season, and our very special wishes to everyone for a healthy, wealthy, and prosperous 1993! We meet many thousands of you every year, and we wish we could give you our best wishes in person. Since that's impossible, we give you our best with the printed word.

At the very top of our column this month comes some exciting news regarding the GEM-sponsored tour to England for 1993. While we assume there will be further details elsewhere in this issue, here are some highlights:

The tour will be handled by Wade Farm Tours from England. This group has handled numerous tours of our British cousins to various shows here in the United States. We believe that this firm has an excellent reputation and have heard nothing but excellent reports. Wade Farm Tours has the distinct advantage of knowing the English countryside and knowing where and when the various activities and interesting sights might be.

The tour will leave June 19, 1993 from Chicago, via British Airways. (There may also be an alternate departure from Philadelphia). Upon arriving in London, we will be met by a courier from Wade Farm Tours, and from there we will depart to the areas of Hampshire and Winchester, where we will stay at the Royal Hotel. Winchester is famous for the longest cathedral in Europe, started by William the Conqueror in 1079.

After about three days in the Winchester area we will leave for Bristol for a couple of days. Then it's on to Chester. On Saturday, June 26 we'll visit the Tatton Park 1000 Engine Rally (Show). This show is set on the grounds of a magnificent neoclassical mansion. On Sunday we'll go to North Wales.

Monday, June 28 we'll be going to Sheffield and Norfolk, visiting several museums and other points of interest along the way. Bloom's Steam Engine Museum and the Imperial War Museum will be in our view, and by July 1 we'll be headed to London. On Saturday July 3rd we'll transfer to Heathrow Airport for a return flight on Saturday afternoon. We'll arrive back at Chicago at 4:35 p.m. the same day (due to the time change).