| January/February 1991

26/1/12 Unidentified Engine Q. See the photo of an unidentified engine, his throttle governed. The nameplate reads: Engine No. 25-JK-12135, Rpm 775, HP 2?-3? JK, Made in USA. A date plate on the head reads 7-7-30 and on the case it reads 8-28-30. Any information will be appreciated. Bill Hash, PO Box 261, Peterstown, WV 24963.

A. Your engine was built by Hercules, and was likely sold by Sears-Roebuck as an Economy. The JK Series was offered about this time; by about 1930 there was a mad scramble to sell engines with an enclosed crankcase and everything running in oil. Stover, Fairbanks-Morse, and others were already doing so, and to continue with an open crank engine was an invitation to disaster. We have no instruction manuals for this engine in our files.

26/1/13 Serial Numbers Q. Can you supply years built for the following engines: 1) Sattley 1? HP, 65641; 2) Reo Model 121, 3H014134; 3) FBM, 614348; 4) FBM 625503; 5) International A63561, 1? HP. Tom Corn, 2370 Warm Springs, Boise, ID 83712.

A. We can tell you that #3 is 1925; #4 is also 1925; and #5 is 1928.

26/1/14 F-20 and Neward Q. In photo 14-A is a lister guide on my Farmall F-20. It was made by Wilrodt Tractor Guide Co. If anyone has one of these, or some literature on same, I would like to hear from them. Mine has some missing parts.

Photo 14-B shows what we believe is a New-Ward engine belonging to Brandy Unruh, Canton, Kansas. Any information on this engine will be appreciated. Russ Hamm, RR I, Box 106, Canton, KS 67428.