| January/February 1989

24/1/46 Stover engines Q. I have a number of questions regarding Stover engines. What is the year built for the following: 1) 2 HP CT202022 2) 2 HP TB271223 3) 3? Sears-Economy Type, s/n TC234195SR 4) 5 HP Diesel, DSM259174 5) 2 HP DVA, 226714 6) T vertical, 74797 7) T 98513 8) VA 194236

In your book, Power in the Past Vol 3: Stover Engine Works, you indicate that parts are available from Lester Roos. I also need to know the kind of fuel injection pump used on the diesel engine, as I know you have a 10 HP Stover diesel. The two 'T' engines were sold in Canada by Judson. How are they listed in your book? Any information will be appreciated. Mark Nedrow, P.O. Box 644, Selah, WA 98942.

A. Here are the years built: 202022 -1929; 271223 -1940; 234195 -1936; 259174 - 1938; 226714 - 1935; 74797 -1916; 98513 -1917; 194236 - 1928.

The Stover serial lists do not differentiate between engines sold as 'Stover' and those sold as 'Economy' or 'Judson' for instance. The late Lester L. Roos at Geneseo, Illinois managed to corrall all the remaining Stover parts, records, etc. a number of years ago. Stover parts are often available through an advertisement in GEM, or through some of the GEM advertisers.

The Acro system featured on all but the very last of the Stover diesels used American Bosch components. These parts should also be available through various sources. Curiously, Stover seems to have been the only American builder to use the Aero system. As found in the Stover, the piston head was depressed or funnel-shaped. A hole in the funnel led into a precombustion chamber within the piston head. The Aero system was eventually replaced with the Lanova system. It used a precombustion chamber or energy cell located directly across the combustion space from the injector. The Lanova system was widely used for many years.

24/1/47 Cushman 4 HP Q. What is the year of a Cushman vertical, s/n 20017? Also what is the color scheme? Joseph Menold, 115 S. 16th, Sabetha, Kansas 66534.