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24/1/25 IHC Friction Drive Q. See the photo of
our 1909 IHC Friction Drive tractor (s/n 1503) that we are
restoring. It is equipped with a Famous 12 HP engine, s/n OB195E.
We would like to hear from someone who has restored one of these
units, especially the painting and pin striping. Any information or
assistance will be greatly appreciated. Wayne Schultz, Museum
Technician, Alberta Culture and Multiculturalism, Reynolds-Alberta
Museum, Old Courthouse, 4705 – 50th Ave., Wetaskiwin, ALTA, T9A
0R8 Canada.

24/1/26 Unidentified engine Q. Last summer I
uncovered this engine (see photos). There is no nametag, no part
numbers, or any other identification. The piston, connecting rod,
cam and crank gears, valves, and timer are from the Model T Ford.
Flywheels are 12? inch diameter with 8 spokes. It uses a 3? x
37/8 inch bore and stroke, plus a Schebler
carburetor. Can you help me identify this engine? Knute Brock,
2253 Harding Ave., Bismarck, ND 58501.

A. Somehow or other, this engine is vaguely
familiar to us, either from having seen it advertised, or having
heard of a similar animal. Unfortunately, we can’t put a name
to it.

24/1/27 Gould, Shapely & Muir Q. Can anyone
supply the proper paint color for the Gould, Shapely & Muir
engines? Vernon Sinell, RR 2, Box 55, Isle, MN 56342.

24/1/28 Dressing stone buhrs Q. I recently sold
a Stover stone buhr mill to a gentleman who wishes to place it in
operation again. However, he would like information on dressing the
stones. Kindly send any information to: Cleve Cosley, Rt. 1,
Jewett, OH 43986. Thanks for your help. Wm. Flowers, RR 1, Box
332, Adena, OH 43901.

A. First of all, our extensive research of
Stover leads us to believe that very, very few Stover stone buhr
mills still exist. Beyond that, we would certainly invite anyone
having information on dressing ‘rocks’ to send it over to
us for use here in the column, or perhaps as a standalone article.
It’s important that these are be preserved in print!

24/1/29 Reeves Engineering Co. Q. A friend of
mine recently acquired a 35 HP engine by Reeves Engineering Co.,
Mt. Vernon, Ohio. It has two cylinders of 9 x 11 inch bore and
stroke. Anyone with any information on this engine, or who can
point us in the right direction, kindly contact: Jack Hard-man,
140 Forest Avenue, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028.

24/1/30 Hercules engine  Q. See the photos
for an engine which I believe was built by Hercules, but there seem
to be a lot of differences in opinion at the shows. (I painted on
the Hercules name in photo 30-B.) Linwood Currier, Box 2120,
Swan Road, New Sharon, Maine 04955.

A. The belt pulley and muffler of 30-A seem to
reinforce your belief that this engine was built by Hercules. Photo
30-B shows the magneto in the same position as used by Hercules,
and the front view of 30-C further reinforces our belief that this
engine did indeed come from Hercules. The ‘XK’ suffix on
the name plate may or may not have significance regarding whether
Hercules built this engine for someone else or sold it under their
own title.

24/1/31 Nelson Bros. Company David Babcock,
3491 E. Deckerville Road, Cass City, MI 48720 is attempting to
gather information on Nelson Bros, for use in a history he is
compiling. If you have anything to contribute, kindly contact David
at the address above.

24/1/32 Unidentified engine Q. Can anyone
identify the engine in photos 32A and 32B? It uses a rope start.
There are no numbers on the engine. Any information will be
appreciated. Gene Sullivan, 4010 Luverne Drive, Red Wing, MN

24/1/33 Stover engine Q. What is the year built
for a Stover engine, 1? HP, Model KE, s/n 167997? Ray Wickham,
Dumont, IA 50625.

A. This engine was built in 1925.

24/1/34 Cracked flywheels Q. As you can see
from photo 34, I have a slight problem with one of the flywheels.
Please advise of any back issues of GEM which might deal with the
care, feeding, and repair of flywheels. Harry Laguharn Jr.,
P.O. Box 398, Joshua Tree, CA 92252.

A. In this case the prognosis is
terminal-probably it’s better to put this one out of its
misery! Seriously though, this writer has never been a big
proponent of repairing flywheels, except perhaps for a cracked hub.
Even in this case our preferred method of repair is to shrink a
steel band over the hub. Properly done, it will squeeze up tight
enough to actually make a loose fit become very tight!

Did you ever go to a show and watch an engine running with the
flywheels wobbling all over the place? Either the flywheels or the
crankshaft are out of alignment, and in the case of the flywheel,
we like to give these gyroscopes a wide berth. Without getting into
a lot of heavy math, the strains imposed on a flywheel are
enormous, so a cracked or sprung flywheel is definitely not a wise
thing to use. We’ll concede however, that there are ways and
means of repairing almost anything, so if any of our readers have a
patent method, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

24/1/35 Lauson Color Q. In the August, 1988 GEM
I inquired about a Lauson engine sold by DeLaval. We found out from
the over 50 responses received that it was a Model VW Lauson
engine. What remains however, is to determine the exact shade of
green paint for this engine. Ray Rylander, 805 E. San Rafael
St., Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903.

24/1/36 Unidentified engine Q. See the photos
of an engine we cannot identify, it is small, probably about 1? HP.
The previous owner brought it here from Canada, but it may or may
not be of Canadian origin. All the casting numbers have an
‘AK’ prefix. The fuel pump is built into the carburetor
(see photo 36B). Any help will be appreciated. Shannon Life,
154 Wayside Road, Portola Valley, CA 94025.

A. We don’t know the make, but find it
curious that the integral fuel pump resembles something from
Hercules or Worthington. The governor sleeve in 36C is of a pattern
similar to that used by the IHC Famous verticals, certain models of
Stover engines, and others. What’s interesting is that this is
one of the few engines we’ve seen to use this governing system
on a throttle governed engine.

24/1/37 Several questions Q. Ed Lerew, RFD 1,
Box 5090, Underhill, Vermont, 05489 poses several questions:

1) Where is the serial number located on a Fairbanks-Morse ZC
engine, 6-7 HP model?

2) What year is a Standard Twin garden tractor, s/n 406C8473? Is
there any reprint literature available on these tractors?

3) I have an engine with a nametag reading: The Maynard, the
Charles Williams Stores, New York. Any information on this engine
will be appreciated.

4) What distinguishes the Oliver go tractors from the Oliver 99
models? Is there any way to determine the number of Oliver 99
tractors built?

A. 1) The serial number of the FBM engine
should be stamped on top of the water jacket and/or on the top of
the cylinder flange, just back of the cylinder head.

2) We know of no dating for the Standard Twin.

3) See page 554 of American Gas Engines for some descriptive
information on this firm and the Maynard engines.

4) In the book Nebraska Tractor Tests Since 1920, under Test No.
183 it will be noted that the Oliver-Hart-Parr 3-5 Plow, the 28-44,
and the Oliver 90 were virtually identical since all used this
particular test as a guide to their performance. This 1930 test was
made using steel wheels, while Test No. 451 of 1950 was made on
rubber tires for the Model 99s. The latter model apparently was
equipped with a road gear, and other modifications were also

24/1/38 IHC ‘M’ Q. I have an IHC
‘M’, 1? HP, s/n A9725M. When was it built, and what are the
proper colors and decal arrangement? Lloyd Gehring, 7087
Southern Vista Drive, Ehon, Ohio 45323.

A. Your engine was built in 1918. Several
recent issues of GEM have discussed the proper color scheme. The
placement of the decals on original engines is shown on pages
136-138 of the book 150 Years of International Harvester.

24/1/39 Spotless Sideshaft Q. Would appreciate
hearing from anyone who can provide information on a 2 HP Spotless
Sideshaft, including the proper striping and color scheme.
Raymond Urton, Box 86, Syracuse, Kansas 67878.

24/1/39 Caille Perfection Q. Anyone with
information on a Caille Perfection Motor built at Detroit,
Michigan, please contact: Roy Reinke, 4128 Main St., Port Hope,
Michigan 48468.

A. Page 76 of American Gas Engines illustrates
a 1? HP stationary model. Caille was well known for their marine
engines, but our files have no further data on this company.

24/1/40 Engine dates Q. We are working on three
engines at present, and would like to know when they were built.
They are: McCormick-Deering ‘M’, 6 HP, s/n W3555; United 3?
HP, s/n 157810; Olin 32 HP, s/n 30041, built in Buffalo, New York;
Jim Holmes, 560 Calkins Road, Rochester, New York

A. The ‘M’ was built in 1926. We have
no data on the other two companies.

24/1/41 Titan tractors Q. I have two 10-20
Titan tractors, one was made in 1915 and the other in 1918. Would
like to know if any manuals or service information is still
available. Also for a Mogul one-cylinder, 20 HP engine, s/n 9021.
Martin Busch, Box 212, Calder, Saskatchewan SoA oKo Canada.

24/1/42 Monitor engines Q. Photo 42 shows an
unusual Monitor engine. The tag notes that it is 1? HP, and the
‘TYPE’ space is blank. The gas tank is cast, but is nothing
like the standard pump jack engine, and BOTH the intake and exhaust
valves are in cages and point down. There is no location for a drip
oiler, and all lubrication is accomplished by the splash method. It
does not appear to have been a pump jack engine. Can anyone shed
some light on this Monitor engine? Charles D. Rakes, PO Box
445, Bentonville, Arkansas 72712.

A. A study of the photo shows that the pump
jack pinion gear with its two protruding pins is used-also, the
lower part of the engine frame appears to have the mounting bosses
for the pump jack casting. The brass tag affixed to the fuel tank
gives credence to the notion that this was a factory-built setup.
The most unusual valve layout is cast into the cylinder, so
there’s no room for aftermarket tampering on this either.
Perhaps there is someone out there with some answers!

24/1/43 Dempster engine Doug Frels, 202 N. 6th,
Guthrie Center, IA 50115 is restoring a 10 HP Dempster engine and
needs information regarding the fuel system plumbing, the Webster
magneto system, proper paint color scheme, and other helpful

24/1/44 Cushman Cub Q. Can anyone tell me the
color scheme and year built for a Cushman Cub 4 HP engine, Model
3P30, s/n 63275? Where might I find information and decals on this
engine? Donald E. Bowen, 12665 Sundance, San Diego, California

A. We’ve published some paint colors
recently in GEM, and also have DuPont Dulux 54738-D listed. Decals
are available through some GEM advertisers-see the advertising

24/1/45 Shingle Mill I have partially restored
a Roll-stone Shingle Mill. It was made in Fitchburg, Massachusetts
prior to 1900. In order to finish the restoration I need to
correspond with and get pictures from someone having one of these
mills or at least is familiar with it. Robert P. Weis, PO Box
668, Mount Hermon, MA. 01354.


  • Published on Jan 1, 1989
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