| January/February 1989

24/1/25 IHC Friction Drive Q. See the photo of our 1909 IHC Friction Drive tractor (s/n 1503) that we are restoring. It is equipped with a Famous 12 HP engine, s/n OB195E. We would like to hear from someone who has restored one of these units, especially the painting and pin striping. Any information or assistance will be greatly appreciated. Wayne Schultz, Museum Technician, Alberta Culture and Multiculturalism, Reynolds-Alberta Museum, Old Courthouse, 4705 - 50th Ave., Wetaskiwin, ALTA, T9A 0R8 Canada.

24/1/26 Unidentified engine Q. Last summer I uncovered this engine (see photos). There is no nametag, no part numbers, or any other identification. The piston, connecting rod, cam and crank gears, valves, and timer are from the Model T Ford. Flywheels are 12? inch diameter with 8 spokes. It uses a 3? x 37/8 inch bore and stroke, plus a Schebler carburetor. Can you help me identify this engine? Knute Brock, 2253 Harding Ave., Bismarck, ND 58501.

A. Somehow or other, this engine is vaguely familiar to us, either from having seen it advertised, or having heard of a similar animal. Unfortunately, we can't put a name to it.

24/1/27 Gould, Shapely & Muir Q. Can anyone supply the proper paint color for the Gould, Shapely & Muir engines? Vernon Sinell, RR 2, Box 55, Isle, MN 56342.

24/1/28 Dressing stone buhrs Q. I recently sold a Stover stone buhr mill to a gentleman who wishes to place it in operation again. However, he would like information on dressing the stones. Kindly send any information to: Cleve Cosley, Rt. 1, Jewett, OH 43986. Thanks for your help. Wm. Flowers, RR 1, Box 332, Adena, OH 43901.

A. First of all, our extensive research of Stover leads us to believe that very, very few Stover stone buhr mills still exist. Beyond that, we would certainly invite anyone having information on dressing 'rocks' to send it over to us for use here in the column, or perhaps as a standalone article. It's important that these are be preserved in print!