| January/February 1988

Standard Monarch garden tractor


Dois Snodgrass

In late October the Reflector was most happy to be part of a team which removed a nice old diesel engine from a power plant for eventual installation at Midwest Old Threshers in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. The engine is a Fairbanks-Morse vertical diesel and was installed at the electric power plant in George, Iowa in October 1924 (this was the same autumn that Calvin Coolidge and Charles G. Dawes were elected President and Vice President).

This particular engine is of three cylinder design and carries three separate external fuel pumps. The original blowtorch hot plugs have been replaced with electric heaters, and these are required for starting, since the combustion chamber design of the early verticals is somewhat different than was used on later models. Chances are that the engine will be mounted on heavy steel beams for the present time, and as budgets and other events permit, Midwest Old Threshers will no doubt give it a permanent home in the Antique Powerhouse. The engine is a gift from Iowa Electric Light & Power Company.

The Reflector is also looking forward to the World Ag Expo and the World Plowing Matches to be held at Amana, Iowa between September 7-10, 1988. Billed as 'A Celebration of Agriculture-Past, Present and Future,' the Plowing Matches will include state, national, and international matches. The agricultural trade show will include a great many new machines. Although it is a bit early to know the extent of any vintage machinery displays, there will be a certain amount of old equipment on hand. The World Ag Expo moves from one country to another, so it will be awhile until this fine show returns to the United States. For further information contact: World Ag Expo, Amana, LA 52203; phone number (319)622-3344.

This issue marks the beginning of the twenty-third volume of Gas Engine Magazine. Who'd a' thought back then that almost a quarter century later our hobby would have become so popular? The first question for the first issue of 1988 comes from:

23/1/1 Dois Snodgrass, Box 79, Route #4, Beaver Dam, KY 42320, who encloses a photo of his Standard Monarch garden tractor, s/n 409E3128. Mr. Snodgrass would appreciate knowing the year built, and the proper color scheme for same.

23/1/2 I need a color scheme for the Leader engines made by Field Force Pump Co., Elmira, NY. Jerry Heller, 9090 Anthony Hwy., Waynesboro, PA 17268.