| January/February 1987

Stover engine


Andrew J. Anderson

22/1/16Jack Harrell, Box 142, Roanoke, IN 46783 is looking for date of manufacture on an Earthmaster tractor, Model C, s/n 333, built in Hollydale, California. Kindly contact Mr. Harrell if you can supply any information at all on this tractor; photocopies, etc.

22/1/17 Q. I have a diesel engine with the following data: American Marc AC 1 (cast in flywheel housing); s/n 57; modified in accordance with Dwg 10112; Built by Electro magnetite Industries Inc., 102 Greeley Ave., Sayville, NY 11782. My inquiry was returned with no forwarding address. This is a 1 -cylinder, air-cooled engine. What is the horsepower, what was its use, and when was it built? Would appreciate hearing from anyone with information on this engine. Robert T. Strong, 1308 Sunrise Drive, Port Edi son, North Fort Myers, FL 33903.

A. The Reflector has a sizeable collection of diesel engine materials, but here's a new one! We appeal to our readers for help!

22/1/18 Q. Can anyone help us in restoring a Beaver garden tractor? It uses a Wisconsin engine. Need to know the paint color, years manufactured, and whether anyone has an owner's manual. Would also like to get a tracing of the decal or original lettering on the fuel tank. Robert L. Hall fish, 15 Cod Soil Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648.

A. As in the previous question, we appeal to our readers.

22/1/19 Q. I am restoring an old Cushman Model C engine, s/n 4383, 4 HP, 800 rpm. Mechanically it's not too bad, but need to correspond with someone who has one of these engines so I can rebuild the ignition system. Also would like to know the year it was built.