| January/February 1985

  • Gas Engine

    G. F. Harvey
  • IHC Titan 1 HP engine

    Neil Harvey
  • Unidentified Engine

    Greg Mosley

  • Gas Engine
  • IHC Titan 1 HP engine
  • Unidentified Engine

The late Elmer J. Baker Jr. spent a lifetime in the offices of Farm Implement News Magazine. Elmer was well known in the farm equipment business-his editorials heaped praise or derision as best fit the situation, and did so in plain English! Elmer's understanding of and firsthand knowledge about the farm equipment industry made him a veritable walking encyclopedia.

After selling Farm Implement News to Implement & Tractor, Elmer continued with a regular column entitled Reflections for several years. We have always seen Mr. Baker's writings and his style as something to emulate, even though we find ourselves hardly capable of the task.

After visiting with the present editor of Implement & Tractor we have concluded that our new 'Question &. Answer' column might well carry the name of 'Relfections', not as a plagiarism of Elmer's chosen title, but as an enduring tribute to a man who dutifully recorded the formative years of agricultural technology.

Beginning with this issue, we will attempt to answer as many questions as possible, and do so as accurately as we can. Although we claim no special expertise in this field, the extensive research of the past few years has given us some background of historical engines and tractors. We hope that this will be of value to the column as well as to the reader. Don't expect us to have answers to ALL questions-we once heard it said that 'The guy who thinks he knows it all has the most to learn.'

May we strongly encourage you to respond with your comments and answers directly to GEM. By so doing, you can be of great help to thousands of other collectors as well. The regional nature of many engine and tractor builders often enables a single individual to become 'expert' on a specific company. Through this column, we hope that much of this hidden data can become public information to the great benefit of our hobby.

Q. I need help in identifying this engine, along with any information regarding paint color, or other data. G. F. Harvey, 2421 Coley Forest Pl., Raleigh, NC 27612.


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