Readers' Engine Questions

| February/March 2003

38/2/1: Stickney Governor Trouble

I recently purchased a 7 HP Stickney engine, serial number 7010. Where the governor spring eyebolt screws through the bottom of the governor, the piece it screws into is not held solid to the rest of the governor, thus making adjustment impossible. How is this piece the eyebolt screws through held in place?

I would appreciate any help from anyone with a Stickney engine or anyone who knows Stickney governors. Thanks, Quinn Lenk, Box 525, Dupree, SD 57623, (605) 365-5195 (w), (605) 365-5426 (h).

38/2/2: Pennington Mower

I bought this mower at the Wheatland Poppin' Johnnies swap meet in Wichita, Kan., last October. It looked like it would be fun to drive (it is), and it looked like it would mow well (it does). The gentleman I got it from said I would never see another one like it, so as soon as I got back to Texas I got on the Internet. I found no mention of it. I've had two other people look at it, and I've come up with nothing.

It's a Pennington Big Red Model 686C, showing a date of Feb. 1, 1964. It has an Onan engine and no transmission, just a variable drive forward and reverse. Someone painted it green, and a parts book shows it should have a tractor-type seat, not a boat seat.