A Brief Word

| February/March 2001

36/2/12 Economy Gas Engine? Q. See the photos of an Economy gas engine. After looking at it I am convinced it is a Waterloo Boy. Can anyone be of help? Waino Wierimaa, 31416 - 159th Ave., Sebeka, MN 56477.

A. We checked a couple of the patent dates. No doubt about it, they match up to Louis Witry and others associated with Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company. Beyond that, we haven't a clue... the low serial number would lead to the conclusion that this is a very early engine.

36/2/13 F-M Clutch Pulley See the photo of a disassembled clutch pulley from Fairbanks-Morse. Jim Wohlfeil, 190 HCR 1, Marquette, MI 49855 would like to know what parts are missing so as to make it operable again. If you can help, please contact him.

36/2/14 Novo Engines Several people have inquired about serial number lists for the Novo engines. They are included in the new edition of Wendel'sNotebook, available from GEM. However, the numbers begin at 40,000. All numbers prior to that were built before July 30, 1918, but we don't have the number records prior to that time

36/2/15 What Is It? Charles Skinner, RR 1, Berwick, NS BOP 1EO Canada sends a photo of a tool or a piece from a machine. A handle and a threaded shaft open and close the center piece. The two jaws are covered with woven brake lining. This piece is about 6x16 inches and is made of cast iron.

Charles also comments that he recently purchased a Lister 5 HP, Size L engine, s/n 20471. He would like to know if there is any way to date this engine, and would also know if there is still a parts source. If you can be of any help, please contact him at the above address.