A Brief Word

| February/March 2001

Venn-Severin Engines


We receive The Old Machinery Magazine from Australia, and we're always amazed at the number of American engines that still exist there. Perhaps we have told you before that the Fuller & Johnson pumping engine is shown there, but various folks adopted the F&J as their own, so the same engine appears under several different names in Australia. We're also told that Fuller & Johnson got nothing out of having their engine appropriated by others.

A fair number of Stover engines appear, albeit under the Cooper trade-name, but with the Stover model and serial numbers. There are lots of IHC Famous and Mogul engines in Australia . . . one issue of TOMM even shows a 2 HP vertical Famous with a Webster G11 magneto ... a really odd design!

Prices vary considerably. At auction a restored 2 HP Cooper (Stover) KA engine sold for $400AU. Right now the conversion rate is about $1.75AU for $1US. But then, we noticed that a 200 pound anvil on one auction sold for $450! Don't think too much about trying to export engines and tractors to the U.S., though. It requires a lot of paperwork and is rather difficult to get this done. They have strict laws regarding the export of 'national treasures.'

Many U.S. collectors have run across Reg Ingold, who lives in the Newcastle area of New South Wales. Reg has visited a great many of our shows, and has built a great many scale model engines, many of them being from casting sets he bought here in the U.S.

After returning from our Australia/New Zealand Tour in late March, perhaps we'll be able to provide a better view of engine and tractor happenings over there.

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