A Brief Word

| February/March 2000

Alpha 1 HP engine


As we compile this issue in early December '99, the weather here in Iowa is a balmy 61 °F. Presumably, this will change dramatically here in the Midwest by the time you see this copy in mid-January '00. Predictions are that we will return to 'normal' weather (a high of about 40°) in the coming week.

Just as a precaution against the Y2K bugs of New Year's Eve, we have set up two of our diesel engine-generators. We really don't anticipate much of a problem, but should it happen, we will happily fire up the Junkers Diesel and have enough for furnace, refrigerator, TV, and a few lights. Of all our engines, we still believe that the Junkers diesel is one of the most amazing of all diesel engines of the 1930s.

We are now in the planning stages of a tour to Australia in February 2001, or about a year from now. The tour will be limited to one coach or about 40 people, and will probably run for about three weeks. If you have been there before, there's not much use in going to Australia if you don't stay for that long. There may also be an optional extended tour to New Zealand. We have contacted our new tour operator in Denver, as well as some friends in Australia. The National Rally will be in Tasmania, so of course we look forward to an overnight ferry trip from Melbourne to Hobart. For a year or more, we have been hearing from folks who are interested in going on this tour, so we thought it appropriate to tell you that we are indeed planning this tour. For those who have gone with us before, there will be a few places we will visit a second time, but overall the tour will be entirely different than before.

Barry Oehler, a former local resident, is one of the operators at RMA Tours in Denver, and is a most helpful and knowledgeable tour organizer.

We have lots of queries this month, and begin with:

35/2/1 Information NeededQ. I would like to know the year built and the proper paint colors for the following: 2 HP Jaeger, s/n 35472 6 HP Bulldog, s/n B18324 7 HP Gray, s/n 7707 8 HP Thermoil (Davenport) Diesel, s/n U9367