A Brief Word

| February/March 1994

Sembower engine


Allied Motor

First of all, we wish to thank the many folks who sent Best Wishes to us for the Holiday Season. We hope that 1994 will be the best year ever for each one of you!

Isn't it interesting that the development of the internal combustion engine is so closely tied to many different aspects of our everyday life? Americans are notably mobile, and this great mobility is due in large part to the fact that we can get in the car in the morning and easily drive 300 miles that day . . . with a lot of ambition we can go 500 or more miles from our starting point in a single day.

Isn't it interesting that due to the internal combustion engine, virtually all of today's transportation system hinges around the internal combustion engine ? The food we eat, the clothes we wear, and in fact, virtually everything we see, smell, or touch, has in some way or other come to us through gasoline or diesel engines.

Isn't it interesting that the four-cycle engine has only been in existence for a little more than a century, and that the gasoline engine has existed for a bit less than a century? Yet in that time, all of the industrialized world has been trans-formed, largely because of this invention.

Isn't it interesting that despite the enormous dimensions and the tremendous dynamics presented by the internal combustion engine, relatively few people have any idea of how the gas engine developed, and how it has evolved from our precious collectible engines into the highly sophisticated engines of today?

Isn't it interesting that there has never been a U.S. postage stamp issued to commemorate this great invention? Isn't it interesting that most school children have little or no idea of the origins of an invention that takes them to school every day and delivers them home in the afternoon?!