| February/March 1993

28/2/25 IHC Mogul Tractors Q. Over the years I have collected a pretty good amount of original literature and photographs of IHC equipment. I have an old photo album with hardback covers with the IHC logo on every page. There are over 100 pictures in this book with no labels except a very few. I have several pictures of a tractor which appears to be an experimental 12-25 Mogul (Photo 25-A) or possibly a 20-40 Mogul of which I believe there were ten built. Any information will be greatly appreciated. LeRoy A. Baumgardner Jr., PO Box 1313, Hanover, PA 17331.

A. There are so few identifying marks that this tractor could be either the experimental 12-25 or the short-lived 20-40. However, we have a gut feeling that it's the early 12-25, perhaps a pre-production model. International Harvester is a most interesting company, especially in their early developmental work. This company had done very well in other endeavors and had the financial resources for some in-depth tractor research. Their efforts paid off, with the immensely successful Mogul and Titan tractor line, and even more so when the McCormick-Deering Gear-Drive tractor appeared. Harvester wasn't content to stop at that point. The company knew that farmers were clamoring for a decent row-crop tractor, so they poured immense amounts of money into experimental work that finally resulted in the famous Farmall.

28/2/26 Help Needed! Q. See the three photos of an unidentified engine. I'm usually pretty good at identifying engines, hut need help on this one! Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Gilles Marcil, 1745 De Brie, St. Hyacinthe, P.Q. J2T 4T1 Canada.

A. We've never seen anything with a hopper like this one! Can you help?

28/2/27 Detroit Mower See the two photos of a 1925 Fordson Model F with a Detroit mower, It was made by Detroit Harvester Company, Detroit, Michigan. The power for cutting is taken through a two-speed transmission direct from the Fordson pulley gear ahead of the Fordson transmission. The mower bar is six-foot, although a five-foot was avail-able. This unit was shown at the Pageant of Power Show, July 4 & 5, Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan, and also at the Third Annual Southeastern Michigan Antique Tractor & Engine Show, Morn roe, Michigan. Russ Schafer, 14050 Grafton, Carleton, MI 48117.

28/2/28 United Engine Q. I have a United Model A, 2 HP engine, s/n 118367, as pictured on page 521, bottom right, of American Gas Engines. Can anyone tell me the year built and the correct color scheme? James Dubiel, 670 Afton Ave., Youngstown, OH 44512.