| February/March 1993

Well folks, it's here! Of course, we're talking about the New Year of 1993. We're also talking about the full information on the Engine Extravaganza set for June of 1993. Wade Farm Tours has finalized plans for the two-week tour to England that will include a day at the famous Tatton Park Rally. We'll not bore you with the full itinerary and other details, but suffice it to say that we simply can't conceal our joy at the prospect of spending two glorious weeks in England.

It's a real plus that Wade Farm Tours has secured Mr. Alex Skinner as our resident expert for the tour. Alex has been here in the States numerous times, and many of you have met him on his visits. Between Mr. Skinner's expertise and the services of a Wade Farm Tours courier, our visit should be just like being among old friends, except of course, in a foreign country.

At the present time, ye olde Reflector is securing a passport. What a rigmarole! A certified copy of your birth certificate is required. Don't give them your original birth certificate, or you'll end up without it ... they keep it! So, if you plan to make the trip, better get a copy. Here in Iowa, this involves going to the courthouse in the county of your birth, or sending a small fee to the state for a copy. However, if you don't have a passport, this is required, and all these things take time!

Wade Farm Tours has presented a very competitive price for the tour . . . we've talked to several people, and even a couple of local travel agencies, and all agree that the price is very reasonable. As previously indicated in GEM, if you want additional information, or the complete brochure, contact GEM at (717) 392-0733 or drop them a line at P.O. Box 328, Lancaster, PA 17603.

Ye olde Reflector is looking for photographs of gas engines running printing presses. Companies like Otto Gas Engine Works frequently advertised their engines for this purpose, but rarely have we seen any photos of a gas engine belted to an old Gordon snapper press. At this same time, we also wish to thank the many people who have sent us photographs, instruction manuals, catalogs, and other information over the past year. This is greatly appreciated.

Also, if you've come up with original color schemes and other information on engines and tractors, kindly send it along for the new edition of our Notebook coming out in 1993. Goodyear sponsored an interesting and informative Restoration Guide in cooperation with Successful Farming magazine during 1991. It includes additional information, but there is much more to be located yet. For instance, color information is indefinite on the Twin City and the early Minneapolis tractors, along with the Avery and the Wallis.