A Brief Word

| February/March 1992

Three-wheel garden tractor


Daniel Burmeister

27/2/10 Information Needed Q. I recently purchased two engines and would like some information on same. They are: Stover CT-1, s/n TA247528, and Witte 4 HP, s/n 95399K. Donald L. Webb, 3010 Ingraham Hill Rd., Binghamton, NY 13903.

A. The Stover was built in 1937. The Witte was shipped on April 24, 1936 to R. H. Rose, So. Kortright, New York.

27/2/11 Identification Needed Q. See the two photos of a three-wheel garden tractor. It uses a one-cylinder Novo engine. The back wheels adjust by a big screw on each side for row width. Can anyone identify this tractor or provide further information? Daniel Burmeister, 1726 Swamp Rd., Fountainville, PA 18923.

A. Can any of our readers be of help?

27/2/12 Kinkade Garden Tractors Q. I recently acquired a Kinkade made by American Farm Machine Co. of Minneapolis. In reading up on it, the book Vintage Garden Tractors states (page 31) that there is no listing of the Kinkade, American Co. after 1924. Recently, a friend loaned me a copy of Better Homes & Gardens for April 1935. There is an ad for the Kinkade from American Farm Machine.

 If you have any more information on the Kinkade, I would like to have it. Tom Kruse, 6232 Cedar Lane, Miamisburg, OH 45342.