| February/March 1989

Unidentified engine


Randall Goff

24/2/18 Field-Brundage

John Davidson, Box 4, Bristol, WI 53104 wishes to update Field-Brundage roster. Anyone who is not on my previous list, please send HP, serial number, type cooling, SSAE and you will get completed list.

24/2/19 Deering mower

Q. I purchased a Deering one-horse mower with a 3? foot bar in excellent condition. Nowhere does it say IHC, only Deering, so it was built prior to the 1902 IHC merger. Can anyone tell me about the proper color scheme etc. for restoring it. All information will be appreciated.

Gregory Innerst, RD 3, Box 268, Red Lion, PA 17356.

A. We agree that your mower was probably built prior to IHC, but the only way of determining the color scheme will be the outside chance that one of our readers might have some catalog data showing it in actual color. Otherwise, it will fall on your own best judgement.