| February/March 1987

22/2/36 Q. I want to repaint an old Oliver horse' drawn plow to its original condition and would like to know the proper colors. Are there any places that make machinery decals such as the 'P & O' decal used on the Little Genius plows of IHC Any information will be appreciated. John F. Harris, RR 6, Box 167, Frankfort, IN 46041.

A. We believe that some of our readers might have made some of these decals on a limited basis, and perhaps they might contact you. We have no color data on the Oliver Chilled Plow Co.

21/2/37 Q. Can anyone supply information on this pump (see photo). It is from Fairbanks-Morse and carries s/n T34879. Would like further information on it such as year built, original color, and probable use. Dave L. Greeley, RR 1, Box 12, Hershey, NE 69143.

A. This pump was probably built somewhere in the 1910-1925 period, and most likely was used in a domes tic water system. We have no information on the original color.

22/2/38 Q. In the August, 1986 GEM, RobertZick mentioned engine conversions. Here in the wheat country of western Nebraska a lot of LA Case tractors were converted to GM 3-71 engines after WW 2. It was quite successful.

Also we had a Minneapolis Moline dealer who converted a number of M-M 27-44 tractors to a 6-cylinder M-M industrial engine. I also know of one 27-44 that had a Cummins diesel in it. It was about 160 HP. Shepard Diesel Co. of Hanover, PA listed conversions for the Farmall M in the 1950-51 Tractor Red Book. M & W Gear Co. made a Cat V-8 conversion for the Deere 5010 and 5020. Quite a few of these were retrofitted with the 6-71 and 8-71 GM diesels. In the November GEM, Jerry Watkins asks about the engine color for the Massey-Harris tractors. All the 1947 and early 1948 models had black engines in the 44 and 55 models. After that they were red. Bob Kaczmarek, RR 1, Box 92, Kimball, NE 69145.