Readers' Engine Questions

| December/January 2002

37/12/1: Fairbanks Type T

I would appreciate any information concerning the vintage or serial number of this Fairbanks-Morse 2 HP Type T I am restoring. As you can see, the data plate offers no clues (at least to me). I've looked for marks in the castings and stampings in the ends of the crankshaft. The crankcase has a number/letter combo in the casting adjacent to the rod bearing access hole of 23KK2. I doubt that it is of any significance in relation to the engine's serial number.

Also, does anyone have any ideas as to the original color of this engine? I've always thought Fairbanks-Morse engines were green, but on closer examination of parts I'm having second thoughts. The color observed during sandblasting of the crankcase appears to be red. The cylinder appears to have been painted black at some unknown time as there is only bare metal under the data plate and the data plate exhibits black over-spray. Bob Roehm, 3606 East Avenue H, Lancaster, CA 93535, (661) 946-9757, or e-mail at:

37/12/2: Leader Engines

Q: In regard to the Leader engine query in the September issue in which you said Leader Gas Engine Co. was the only Leader listed: Go look to the right hand side of page 281 in Wendel's American Gasoline Engines Since 1872 and you will see Leader Iron Works, Decatur, Ill. Wendell also says there are none known to exist. Love your magazine! Dwayne Simpson, 918 Simpson Road, Indian Trail, NC 28079, or e-mail at:

A: Being wrong has its rewards, especially when it moves someone to show proof of an engine long thought to have disappeared into obscurity! Our failure to note Leader Iron Works was, obviously, an oversight.