A Brief Word

| December/January 1992

The Great Fuller & Johnson Reunion held in August had several highlights. Among them was the presentation of an award to Verne Kindschi for his efforts in bringing over 160 Fuller & Johnson engines together at Baraboo, Wisconsin. Mr. Preston Foster, representing the Cool spring Power Museum, presented a beautiful plaque to Verne for his efforts, and aptly naming him 'Mr. Fuller & Johnson.' Thanks to Preston for bringing along some camera equipment, and thanks to his daughter Kim, for taking some photographs of the presentation.

The 1992 show season is about over, and what a season it's been! With every year comes a greater enthusiasm for vintage engines and tractors, along with a better appreciation of our mechanical past.

Although the vast majority of visitors to the shows are honest and trustworthy, we should also keep in mind that those who sometimes live by less than honorable means also see these shows as a means to further their livelihood. Ye olde Reflector can personally relate to this statement. At a recent show, we lost our flatbed trailer. It was either stolen, or just walked away on its own power. Those who perpetrated the dastardly deed probably could care less about our hobby, or anything else for that matter.

We're not relating this tale of woe as a sympathy getter . . . the word 'sympathy' has a low place in the dictionary. What we're suggesting to our readers is that perhaps it's time to be a bit more cautious about securing our vehicles and whatever else needs to be secured. Whenever we build another trailer, it'll be secured as much as possible when it's unattended, and our suggestion is that we might all do more of the same.

Did you drain all those engines and tractors? If it isn't already too late, better check 'em again to be sure!

Our sincere thanks to the literally thousands of folks who stopped by the GEM booth at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion. Many of you just stopped by to shake hands and say hello, and we want you to know it was appreciated! We enjoyed visiting with all of you, even if only for a few minutes. A number of visitors came from England, and we had the chance to visit with several of them. How enjoyable! Hopefully, things will come together for a visit in 1993 to a couple of engine ral-lyes in England. We also met several folks from Australia and New Zealand at the Old Threshers Reunion.