| December/January 1991

26/12/28 Sun Engine Q. Can anyone supply me with information on a 3 HP Sun engine? Any help will be appreciated. Edward O'Bryant, 4976 St. Rt 772, Piketon, OH 45661.

26/12/29 Keck-Gonnerman Cathy Campbell, RR 3, Box 117, Helena, MT 59601 would like to find some articles, photographs, and/or drawings of a Keck-Gonnerman steam engine. If you can be of help, kindly contact Ms. Campbell.

26/12/30 Information Needed Q. Can you tell me when the following engines were built: Cushman 1? HP, Type X, Model 21, s/n9723; Witte 3 HP, s/n 20489. James Lee Les Doyx Sr., Rt 10, Box 748, Lake Charles, LA 70601.

A. No information available on the Cushman. The Witte was built in April 1915.

26/12/31 IHC Number Q. What is the year of an IHC engine, s/n B55680? Todd Hayward, 2 Hillside PL, Winsted, CT 06098.

A. Your engine (from a previous query) was built in 1923. Thanks too for sending the photocopies on Foos engines.