| December/January 1991

By the time this copy is in your hands, we will be into the month of November. However, this is our first opportunity to thank everyone who stopped by to see us at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion in September. Hundreds, and perhaps even a few thousand of you stopped by to see us. Ye olde Reflector and all the folks at GEM wish to thank you for your continued support and encouragement!

Ye olde Reflector finally got the first edition of the Notebook into print during August (see advertisement in this issue). We're not entirely pleased with the result, and we're already working on ideas for the next edition, including typeset pages, and much more material. Even after 25 years in this business, we still can't believe there was so much work in compiling this first effort! Also on the home front, the Reflector is finally building a printing shop and office building! We've talked about this for years, and finally decided to bite the bullet and go ahead. Once everything is moved in and organized, we'll have room to work. Hopefully, the added space and convenience will mean less work for us as we continue with the monthly Reflections column and various writing projects.

Here is our final notice to all snowbirds: Did you drain your engines and tractors? Remember, frost has no mercy!

We begin this issue with:

26/12/1 McCormick-Deering Type M Etc. Q. I would like to correspond with someone familiar with the ignitor used on the IHC Type M engines. Someone rebuilt mine, but it isn't quite right. I also own a Foos 6 HP engine with the wipe spark ignition, and would like to hear from other Foos owners. Is there a registry of Foos engines ?

Lastly, I'd like to know the date built for the following engines: