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| December/January 1990

  • Sattley engine
    George H
  • New Idea Engine
    R.M. Ackley
  • FBM Engine
    George Scharenberg
  • Sattley engine
    George H
  • Red-E Tractor
    25/12/3 A
    Ralph Hendrickson
  • Sattley engine
    George H
  • Red-E Tractor
    25/12/3 B
    Ralph Hendrickson
  • OMC tractor
    Mr. V. Kornmeyer
  • OMC tractor
    Mr. V. Kornmeyer
  • LeRoi engine
    Francis Kurds
  • IHC Famous Engine
    Ron Larson

  • Sattley engine
  • New Idea Engine
  • FBM Engine
  • Sattley engine
  • Red-E Tractor
  • Sattley engine
  • Red-E Tractor
  • OMC tractor
  • OMC tractor
  • LeRoi engine
  • IHC Famous Engine

The other day we visited with Bill Starkey over at Star bolt Engine Supplies. Many of you have met Bill, and as you all know, he is intensely interested in our hobby. Our visit touched on many points, but one stands out-the problems of paint colors.

We probably get more requests for correct color schemes than on any other point. Now you are probably wondering where all this is going. Well, we'll tell you. Just by coincidence, we have been corresponding with Alden Wolters at Phillipsburg, Kansas. Alden has been in the paint business for years, and also shares a love of old engines. He also shares many of the same ideas as Bill Starkey and ye olde Reflector regarding the exact color shades for a certain engine. We quote herewith some of Alden's comments:

'Cross references between paint manufacturers are almost impossible to find....The first thing a person must remember and keep in mind when they want to paint something is this-Paint standards of 50 or more years ago were not nearly so critical as they are today...In nearly all cases, today's color numbers are referred to as an approximate match. Even in the auto refinish business of today, it is not uncommon for the body shop to have to rely on many years of everyday experience to get the match they want, even though the vehicle might be only a couple of years old. Sometimes a little tinting is required, and this requires experience.'

Now before anyone gets busy with the pen or the phone to Alden, please bear in mind that we quote him because that is exactly our own point, and has been for some time now. So if you disagree with the above statement, kindly direct your replies to the Reflector. We only quote Mr. Wolters because he states our case very well. In other words, it is doubtful for many engines and tractors that their exact shade remained constant from year to year. We know this to be so with the Stover engine line, since some are a very deep Brewster green that is tinted with black and brown. Other Stover engines are a very light green that falls somewhere between John Deere Green and Oliver Green. We take the liberty of quoting Bill Starkey in this regard. He says, 'My advice is to get the color as close as possible to the original and go with what you can find.' With the conversion to acrylic enamels, the old DuPont Dulux numbers are fast approaching obsolescence. Therefore, we list below the following known conversions to DuPont Centari numbers. We understand that most paint dealers can also convert these numbers to PPG Ditzler numbers. One rule applies for converting Dulux to Centari numbers. Just drop the prefix from the Dulux number and you have the Centari number. For instance, Dulux 93-57704 gray becomes 57704-A in Centari. Here are the numbers we have so far:


DuPont 7666 Green


DuPont 5183-DH Blue

Stover Red

DuPont 93-2564-H

Stover Green

DuPont 2015 Green

Stover Diesel

DuPont 93-57704 Gray

Rock Island Tr

F/A, 18-35

DuPont 6334

Waukesha Gray

Avery Tractor

(Frame, etc.)

Dulux 77161-DH


Dulux 93-2622-H Red

Dulux 93-2564-H Red

Waterloo Boy

Dulux 93-2564-H Red (Early)

Waterloo Boy

Dulux 93-5316 Green (Late)


Dulux 93-30420-H Maroon

Dulux 93-29609-H Olive Green


Dulux 93-143-H Maroon

Rock Island

Dulux 93-24590 Brown (Engine)


Dulux 93-81501 Dark Blue


Dulux 93-5800 Green

Nelson Bros.

Imron 2015 U Green

Fuller & Johnson

New Idea Green

Dulux 93-1317 Green


Dulux 93-5800 Green


Centari 5027 Red


Dulux 93-5316 Green


Dulux 93-538 Gray


Dulux 93-75874-H Green

(Old Style)

Dulux 93-660-H Red (New Style)

New Holland

Dulux 93-97813-M Dark Red



DuPont 7498 Green

IHC Gray

DuPont 27625

IHC Dk Grn

DuPont 93-84155

Adirondack Green

IHC Lt Grn

DuPont 93-29609-H

IHC Green

DuPont 7498 D Green

(For Type M)

IHC Blue

DuPont 24160

(There are at least two kinds of IHC Red. Most dealers have the lighter shade currently used, but we have not located the number for the darker shade used on Famous engines etc.)

J.I. Case

Power Red


Power Orange


Power White








Cushman Vert.

93-62713-H Green

Cushman Cub

DuPont 7498 Green


DuPont 7410 Red

United Eng.

93-1863-H Red

IHC & Case Red

DuPont 674

We just got a copy of some PPG Ditzler colors. We do not have the color chips yet, so we're not at all sure if they will fit into your notions of the proper colors. At least they will give you a starting point.


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