| December/January 1987

Several times in the past we've talked about the high quality engine and tractor restorations we've seen in the past few years. Truly our hobby has come into its own as one that is very rewarding, very satisfying, and highly respected. Lately though, we've heard more concerns from engine and tractor collectors toward the spectators at our shows.

It is not at all difficult to find someone or other at a show who is running an engine. These things are annoying to most spectators and certainly lend no aspect of professionalism to the hobby.

Smoking engines-especially of the two-cycle variety can have this problem cured in virtually all cases by using some of the new lubricants and thus virtually eliminate this problem. It doesn't do our image as exhibitors any good when spectators go home with oil splattered on their clothing.

Be considerate of spectators regarding the exhaust noise as well. Try to place your engine so that the exhaust is directed away from the spectator aisles, and refrain from using pipe arrangements that act as resonators and further increasing the decibel level. If everyone does their part, even on such simple things as air and noise control, our shows can become even better. If any of you are still not convinced remember that there always are some bureaucrats lurking about with nothing else to do, and (perish the thought), legislation is the last thing we need!

This month's Modelmaker's Corner includes a number of interesting items. We appreciate the response this month, and hope that other model builders whether those doing the design and casting, or those actually building their own models will send us photos and a writeup of their experiences.

We can't write each of you personally, but the Reflector and all the folks at GEM extend our Very Best Wishes to each and all of you for 1988.