| December/January 1985

Farmall A tractor


John R. Petrick

The October GEM included a substantial listing of engine manufacturers beginning on page 11. This list, taken from a 1928 issue of the Farm Implement News Buyer's Guide, is characteristic of the material we gleaned during our research of American Gasoline Engines Since 1872. As the Editor of the Reflections column, we make constant use of the Buyer's Guide issues, along with a sizeable collection of Millard's Implement Directory. As other materials become available, GEM will gladly print them in coming issues. We encourage you to submit your articles even if they are on cassette tapes, since some of our readers dislike writing an article.

A great many inquiries to the Reflector would be better answered if there were photographs to accompany them. This will make things easier for the Reflector, and where possible, we will also include the photographs within the column.

One more word about photographs we attempt to return them to the original owners. However, with about three pounds of correspondence to this column each month, we don't always succeed as well as we would like. Please bear with us we have a huge box of letters on hand, and given a spare day, we will sort through them for the specific purpose of returning photographs this is one duty the Reflector hadn't considered when doing a column! As we noted in the last issue, be sure to mark your photos 'Please return to' with your name and address on the back.

Several readers have mentioned that they do not understand the reason for our frequent reference to American Gasoline Engines within the column. For the benefit of new readers, this book, released in 1983, was penned by the Reflector, and contains 584 pages of history and information on many different engine builders. Other titles to which we also make reference are: Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors, 150 Years of International Harvester, and Nebraska Tractor Tests Since 1920. Since all of these titles are designed as reference volumes, it seems appropriate to cite such references to our readers.


Q.We have a SERVICE truck to restore and need information on it such as color, electrical system, and the like. It is a 1926-28 model with a 4-cylinder Buda engine. These trucks were made at Wabash, Indiana. Graham Bellman, 14 West Tce., Balhannah, 5242, S. A., Australia.