Readers' Engine Questions

| August/September 2003

38/8/1: Serial Numbers Q: I have the following engines and would like to know the year they were built: 1) International LA 1- to 2- HP, serial no. A64917; 2) Fuller & Johnson 1- HP, serial no. 83846; 3) Fairbanks-Morse Z, serial no. 522676; and 4) Massey-Harris Co. Ltd. Type 2, shop no. 6K3077. I do believe that last number seven belongs there, although it is not stamped as well as the number seven preceding it. Did someone other than Massey make this engine? Any help would be appreciated. Dan Janke, P.O. Box 285, Westfield, WI 53964.

A: The numbers you give for your IHC LA do not line up with what's shown in Wendel' s Notebook. If you've included one extra number, presumably the number seven at the end, it's of 1935 manufacture. But, if it were an end of production Type LAA, it would be of 1938 manufacture. Your Fuller & Johnson is a 1923 model while your FM Z was made in 1922.

The year of your Massey-Harris is unclear. Massey-Harris Type 2 engines were built from 1923 to 1932. The Type 2 came in sizes of 1-, 3, 4- and 6 HP. Yours should be a 6 HP, evident by its '6K' reference in the serial number. Massey-Harris started building its own engines in 1916, after it moved the manufacturing equipment of the Deyo-Macey Co., Binghamton, N.Y., (which Massey-Harris bought in 1910) to Weston, Ontario.

38/8/2: Unidentified Grader

I have come across a turn-of-the-century pull grader (no engine). Can anyone direct me to a preservation site or some place where they might know how 1 can get wheels and hubs to restore this thing? The blade, angles and bevels all seem to be in good working order after more than 100 years. Many thanks. Captain Jim, Aberdeen, Md.; e-mail:

38/8/2C: Controls on grader.