Readers' Engine Questions

| August/September 2002

37/8/6: Magnet Gas Engine

Jimmy Alexander, 197 Albright Lane, Gallatin, TN 37066-8745, sends in some photos of a Magnet engine, s/n 1022, horsepower unknown. Jimmy says a Wico mounted on the right-hand side of the water hopper supplied spark. This particular engine was found in a yard in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, where it had been sitting for 32 years. According to Jimmy it had previously been working pulling a shingle mill in South Gallies, Ontario, Canada.

The Magnet engine was built by Petrie Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, but little is known about the company. If any readers know more about the Magnet engine line, we'd like to hear from them.

37/8/7: Aerothrust

Q: I wonder if your readers could help me find a wiring diagram for my Aerothrust. In the picture you can see the lead to the advance/retard lever. Do I use a coil and 6-volt battery to this magneto? My engine has no flywheel, and I'm wondering if some were sold without a flywheel? Andrew Dolan, 7 Lynch St., Miramichi, NB, Canada E1N 5V3.

A: We don't have any information on the Aerothrust engine, but perhaps one of readers can contact Andrew and help him out. Wendel's American Gas Engines shows Aerothrust Engine Co., La Port, Ind., as first marketing their engine in 1916, but disappearing from the market after 1917.