Readers' Engine Questions

| August/September 2002

Unidentified Engine

37/8/2A: Unidentified engine. Could this be a Waterloo-built Economy?

A Brief Word

As we told you last issue, C.H. Wendel suffered a stroke on May 3, and we're happy to be able to say his recovery is going very well. Charles contacted us shortly before we went to press, and the following is what he had to say:

I am now out of hospital and recuperating at home, with therapy three times a week. In a couple of months I hope to rejoin the Reflections column, but here in early June I still tire easily and don't have a lot of stamina yet, although it is improving every day.

Thanks to everyone who sent cards and flowers! Thanks also to the many clubs who sent get-well greetings. Your kindness is greatly appreciated and will always be remembered! It is amazing that a tiny little clot can cause such havoc! Praise the Lord it wasn't any bigger!
C.H. Wendel Ames, Iowa

Good news, indeed. If his rapid recovery is any indication, it looks like we'll have Charles back in the Reflections driver's seat in short order. So with that good news we'll launch into this month's installment, beginning with a request:

37/8/1: Planet Jr.

I'm looking for help with my Planet Jr. garden tractor made by S.L. Allen & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. It's a Type B, s/n B727. The engine is a REO Motors Inc., Lansing, Mich., Model 552, Type A, s/n 128938. Any help on manufacture date or colors is appreciated, I will answer all replies. Elza Ketchum, P.O. Box 465, Poynette, WI 53955, (608) 635-4492.