A Brief Word

| August/September 1994

As soon as we can get the materials organized, we'll be presenting a series of articles on the Alamo Engine Company within this column. Mr. Verne Kind-schi of Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin graciously loaned us a large packet of Alamo materials, and it includes a lot of photos of Alamo engines . . . early ones and some later ones too.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our stand at the Waukee (Iowa) Swap Meet. The weather was great, the crowds were huge, and we hope a grand time was had by all!

We have lots of material this issue, so let's get started with:

Fig. 319.Fundamental Types of Pendulum Governors.

29/8/1 Questions Asked Q. Reading through American Gas Engines Since 1872 has generated the following questions:

1. Can you explain how the Rites Inertia Governor works, as shown on pages 19 and 149.