| August/September 1993

This piece of copy is being assembled in early June. Simple logistics dictate that it won't be in your hands until early July, but nevertheless, we want to belatedly thank everyone who stopped by to see us at the Waukee Swap Meet over the Memorial Day Weekend.

Folks, we've seen rain and mud numerous times, but we truly felt sorry for everyone at this year's Swap Meet. The weather remained 'iffy' until Friday, and then it really rained! Despite the rain and mud though, there were many bright spots, especially from the many people who stopped by to see us. Thanks from ye olde Reflector, and thanks from all the folks here at GEM.

The September issue will be our first sabbatical since May of 1985. Every month since that time we have contributed the monthly Reflections column to GEM. However, with the two-week trip to England on the Gas Engine Extravaganza, we're going to be absent for the Reflections column in the September issue. Next month our Editor, Linda Sharron will handle details of the column, but we'll be back for the October issue. Through all these years we've enjoyed doing the column immensely, but on the other hand, it's fun to play hooky once in awhile.

When this issue reaches you in early July, the show season will be coming into full bloom. All the more reason for us to ever and again remind everyone to work and play with care. Don't overexert, don't strain you back, and above all, don't do something really dumb. All of us are guilty of this once in awhile, and almost always we look back on some mishap and say to ourselves that we were really stupid for having created bodily damage to ourselves, or worse yet, to someone else! Be careful! and make those shows happy memories instead of bittersweet ones!

Again this year we plan to represent Stem gas at the annual Midwest Old Threshers Reunion. We look forward to seeing many of you there!

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