A Brief Word

| August/September 1991

26/8/12 DuPontĀ  Dulux Jim Paquette, 114 High St., Uxbridge, MA 01569 writes: 'Again rumors abound that DuPont is planning to discontinue Dulux enamel. Not true! I deal with a large DuPont distributor. I have bought Dulux as recently as late April, and he assures me that there is no plan to do away with Dulux. I then called the regional DuPont office. Their comment was that there is no immediate plan to do away with Dulux, but eventually as demand dies off, Dulux will disappear. It will not be this year, and probably will not be next year. After that, who knows? Eventually, we will have to adapt to new paints, but it looks like we are okay for another couple of years.'

26/8/13 Small Model Steam Engines Q. I have been taking GEM for awhile now, but have never seen anyone advertise small model steam engines. I am interested in finding anyone who collects or deals in the old fashioned small steam engines that used to be used in the pop corn stands that were at fairs. G. Bright Hanna, 503 North Hendricks Ave., Marion, IN 46952.

26/8/14 IHC Mogul Q. See the photos of a 1911 IHC Mogul on Type C trucks. See page 120 of 150 Years of International Harvester. This tractor has been sitting in the same location since 1930. Note the conversion kit added to this tractor. So far I have never seen or heard of anything like it. During its years of rest, some honeybees made a home in the cylinder, placing a nice coating of wax on the cylinder walls. Now it turns over nicely . Any help or information on this tractor will be greatly appreciated. Joe McLelland, 8 Clement Pl, Macgregor, ACT 2615, Australia.

A. We can't supply any additional information at this time, but perhaps some of our readers might be of help. It is interesting to note that one of these tractors made it so far from the IHC factories, and has somehow or other escaped the junkman's hammer!

26/8/15 Gray Motor Co.? Q. See the two photos of an unidentified engine, throttle governed, and using a Schebler carburetor. It has a 5? x 6? inch bore and stroke. The closest match we have found is a Gray 4 HP engine. Any information as to the size and identity of this engine will be most appreciated. Harold Kinzie, RR 33, Blair Road, Cambridge, ONT N3H 4R8 Canada.

A. We can't tell you anything about this one, but perhaps someone else has another like it.