| August/September 1990

Two-cylinder Junkers diesel


Tom Salmons

Almost every issue we get requests for the proper color match on engines and tractors. Although there is such a listing in the September 1988 issue of GEM, some readers don't have this list, others can't find it, and then there are constantly some new additions to it. One such addition comes from a Kansas collector who found an original DuPont number in an old IHC parts catalog. This number is for the IHC Famous and Titan engines, and we are told that it matches the color on original engines perfectly. The number is DuPont Dulux Red 4992-OH Crimson. This color is more maroon than the newer IHC red. This new number will probably stir another controversy about the proper color for the Famous and Titan engines. However, we tend to believe that the original color was somewhat darker than the later IHC red, and so, with this information we can probably approach the original color within a shade or two.

In reading of various diesel engine designs of the 1920's and 1930's, we note that some of the early mechanically injected models used very high injection pressures, some of them running as high as 5000 psi. We know that there is an interest in vintage diesel engines, so we caution you in the strongest possible terms to be careful with these units. For example, if you take one of these injectors out of its cylinder and reconnect it to discharge into the air (for test purposes) be sure to stay well outside of the spray area. The diesel fuel under these high pressures coming in contact with the skin can cause serious injury or illness, since it will penetrate the skin and be absorbed into the body.

In the last issue of GEM there was a notice concerning a trip to Australia next year to visit a couple of engine and tractor rallies, various museums, and other scenes of interest for American engine and tractor collectors. As matters stand at this writing, ye olde Reflector is planning on this journey. With the enthusiasm already displayed by many Australian collectors, it should be the trip of a lifetime!

The Annual Swap Meet at Waukee, Iowa is now history, and we made our usual pilgrimage to the event. As in years past, there were engines, tractors, parts, antiques, and who knows what else in abundance.

One of our collectors was inquiring whether anyone knew of any old Excelsior machines, and if so, the patent numbers on them. He is hoping to build one of these machines, using either an existing machine or the patent drawings as guidelines. Our first question this month is:

25/8/1 Majestic Engine Q. I recently acquired a 5 hp Majestic engine, s/n 200382. I would like to hear from anyone with information on this engine; year, color, instructions, etc. I am also looking for a drawing or photocopy of the original muffler and carburetor. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Ed Paquette, 77 Ahlgren Circle, Marlborough, MA01752.