| August/September 1989

24/8/29 FBM engine

Q. I have recently found a Fairbanks-Morse 6 HP 'Z' engine like that shown on page 9 of the reprinted Catalog 80-V of Fairbanks-Morse Company. In order to restore this engine I need to know the dimensions of the piston and rod, and also need to find an instruction manual for same. How can I tell whether it had coil or magneto ignition? R.N. Holden, 2844 E. 12th Ave., Apache Jct., AZ 85219.

A. Your engine is not at all uncommon, so we would suggest that used parts might be available at an engine show, swap meet, or from a GEM advertiser. A 'want ad' might get you everything you need. Likewise, due to the popularity of these engines, several advertisers carry reprint manuals for this engine. All of this series used magneto ignition, and depending on how it is configured, it may have used an American-Bosch oscillating high tension magneto or the Fairbanks-Morse Type R rotary style.

24/8/30 Ideal Type V engine

Q. Does anyone have an engine like the Ideal shown in the photos? Mine is missing the fuel tank, and I would like to hear from anyone with a complete engine who could send me the proper dimensions for the tank, etc. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Mike Dalpe, PO Box 4, Glen Gardner, NJ 08826.