| August/September 1989

Ye olde Reflector has no new and dramatic developments to announce this month. In late May, we made our annual trek to the Central Hawkeye Swap Meet at Waukee, Iowa. As in years past, acres and acres of engines, tractors, parts, and who knows what else, covered the area. Of course this event was also an ideal time to meet old friends and talk about the summer's revival of engine shows after the winter hibernation period.

We hope no one feels slighted by our comments on the Waukee event-it's just that for ye olde Reflector, this is a three-hour trip from home, and with a limited schedule of time, we're seldom able to attend other events at a greater distance.

As we write this column in early June, we feel compelled to report that as of this time, our attempts to secure anything in the way of photographs or historical data regarding the J.I. Case Company have met with partial success. We reported earlier that we are in the midst of compiling a comprehensive history of J. I. Case products. Thus far, we have enlisted the aid of the two J.I. Case collector clubs, along with the assistance of several other individuals. Should you have any Case materials, photos, or other data that would be of help, kindly drop us a line. At this point, one of the critical needs is for the use of a copy of Holbrook's Machines of Plenty which Case commissioned a number of years ago. Also needed is data and illustrations of acquired companies such as Osborne, Emerson-Brantingham, Geiser, Reeves, Rock Island Plow Company, American Tractor Corporation, and others.

Also regarding Case, we once read that they acquired Troy Wagon Company and used their large dirt haulers and other equipment as part of the Road Machinery Line. We also know that Case acquired Fish Bros. Wagon Company and the Mitchell-Lewis Wagon Company. Can anyone supply anything on these areas? If so, send a line to the Reflector, c/o Gas Engine Magazine.

A footnote. While at Waukee, we happened across a copy of a Nelson Bros. Jumbo Line Instructions and Parts Manual. We've already talked to the folks at Stemgas, and as soon as their publishing schedule permits, a reprint of this little book will be available. Quite a number of folks have asked about something like this, but for us, this is the first time we have found anything relating to the Jumbo Line.

Have a safe and enjoyable time with your engines and tractors this summer! Our first question is: