| August/September 1988

23/8/21Can anyone identify the engine in the photo? It uses a Wico B-1 magneto. The prefix 'VW' is ahead of every casting number, but there is no other identification on the engine. Ray Rylander, 805 E. San Rafael St., Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903.

23/8/22Raymond Aakjar, Sharon Station Road, Sharon, Connecticut 06069 sends this photo of a small two-cycle engine of unknown make. The lever on the side of the engine controls the spark.

A. We think it very possibly might have been used for railway handcar duty, but can't tell you the maker.

23/8/23 See the four photos of some garden tractors I have acquired. 23A is a Walsh Standard. Can anyone tell me the year made, proper colors, etc. The next photo 23/8/23B, is a Simar Rototiller made in Geneva, Switzerland and 23/8/23C is a Gravely one-wheel garden tractor. The final one, 23/8/23D is the chassis of an unknown make. Manuel E. Castro, P.O. Box 364, Santa Margarita, California 93453.

23/8/24 Q. David K. Vaughan, 1736 Missouri Street, Costa Mesa, California 92626 has a collection of old outboard motors, and would like to hear from clubs, literature collectors, and other enthusiasts in this regard.

A. We know that there are some clubs, etc. involved with outboard motors, and hope that some of their members will be in touch.