| August/September 1988

Over the past few weeks the Reflector has acquired considerable material regarding various phases of mechanical development, with most of this being deaccessioned material from the Franklin Institute of Phildelphia. Among this material is a substantially complete run of Machinery, a magazine published for the machinist and manufacturing trades.

Several years ago this writer compiled a book entitled American Gas Engines Since 1872. We knew then that despite its 584 pages, this book was by no means 'complete' in that it listed or pictured every internal combustion engine of American origins. Perusing our newly acquired files of Machinery certainly bears testimony to that fact! For example, we just ran across an article in the April, 1907 issue which describes in detail the Hurd & Haggin Marine and Railway engine. Of the four-cycle vertical type, its six cylinders were capable of 38 horsepower at 750 rpm. The engine described in this article used a 4? x 5 ?-inch bore and stroke to attain its 38 horsepower. Two other sizes were available; a 6? x 7 model with an output of 77 horsepower, and an 8? x 9?-inch size rated at 160 horsepower. As the opportunity presents itself, we will try to include photographs, drawings, and descriptive data on engines that are new to our research and present them here in GEM.

As reported earlier, the Reflector is in the process of assembling materials for a book on sawmills. We don't envision a book of tremendous size, but we do plan to include a lot of pertinent data on management of sawmills, along with many illustrations of mills and related equipment. Thanks to many of our readers who have already responded with information and materials. Sawmill operation has always held certain mysteries for the most of us, and we hope to set some of these into print while there is still a chance. We'll keep you apprised of our progress from time to time.

Our first question this month is:

23/8/1 Q. Can anyone supply information on the engine in the photo? It is of aircooled design and the head also has cooling fins. I would appreciate any comments on this engine. George Manning, 2401 Brink-wood Drive, Richmond, Virginia, 23224.

23/8/2 Q. I would like to hear from someone with information on a John Deere engine, s/n 320326. (See Photo). Need to know the specific year built. It is the only John Deere Model 'E' in Holland. These engines are very rare here. Fairbanks-Morse is more common.