| August/September 1987

Since we have a large number of inquiries this month, 'A Brief Word' will be even more brief than usual.

In late May we made our annual sojourn to the big Swap Meet at Waukee, Iowa. We thought this event was tremendously large last year, but found it even larger this season. There were a lot of engines for sale or trade, along with lots of tractors, parts, accessories and other items. From the looks of things a lot of engines changed hands this year.

On May 30 the Reflector attended a small engine show at Seminole Valley Park in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Although it was of a more or less local nature, a great many engines were present, along with a number of tractors and a few steam engines. We are probably guilty of high treason, but instead of taking a gas engine to this one, we cleaned up our little freelance steamer and had a great enjoyment with the commingling smell of coal smoke and steam cylinder oil for a couple of days. Peer pressure exerted during this little show has, however, shown us the light, so we will be bringing gas engines out to future shows (perhaps).

Our first letter begins:

22/8/1 Q. W. M. Wallner, 2039 Laurel Road, Cave Junction, OR 97523 inquires where one might obtain ignitor parts for the John Deere Type E engines?

A. Here in the Midwest at least, John Deere parts are probably the easiest to find of anything. For those not so fortunate as to have a ready supply of used parts we suggest contacting some of the regular engine part suppliers, several of whom advertise regularly in GEM. We are confident they can supply almost any John Deere E parts you might need.