| August/September 1985

20/6/25 From Wyon Arendsen, 3278 N. Mpl. Is. Rd., Hesperia, MI 49421 come a pair of photographs showing the brown color and the decal layout for the Rawleigh engines.

20/6/26 Q. Can anyone tell us about the Atlas-Thornburg engine shown in the accompanying photograph. It has a 3 1/8x 3 bore and stroke, and uses American Bosch injection. Ronald Bemont, 6450 W. Hillsborough, #31 Vivian Court, Tampa, FL 33614.

A. Per American Gas Engine, page 38, the Atlas-Thornburg engines were designed by Jack Thornburg, and built for only a short time at Mattoon, Illinois. Except for a single advertisement in the February, 1939 issue of Diesel Progress, little more has crossed our desk concerning this model.

20/6/27 Q. Chris Romness, Box 127, Wanamingo, MN 55983 would like information and proper colors on a National Engineering Co., NEW MODEL,. Type 2 engine, 1 HP, made in Saginaw, Michigan.

20/6/28 Q. We have acquired a Gibson Model H tractor and need paint colors, along with any other information on this tractor. ]on Reese, 4330 N. Broadway, Indianapolis, Indiana 46205.

A. These fine little tractors were painted red, but beyond that we can't give the exact shade. Other Gibson owners, please help us out.