A Brief Word

| April/May 1998

Some time ago we sent an e-mail to the Deutsches Museum at Munich, Germany indicating that we would be taking a tour group to see them in July, and asking for some advance information. Recently, we received a beautiful guide book to the museum, and after reading it over, we were quite impressed. This huge museum houses many large collections. Among them is the power machinery section, and it includes Diesel's first engine, among many others. An extensive marine section is also there, along with everything imaginable from music to astronomy. For those who have already signed up for our 1998 tour, or who still plan to go, we're now assured that this stop should be most interesting. We'll have a whole day in Munich, and needless to say, ye olde Reflector plans to spend a great deal of time in the museum. We know they have one of the world's largest beer halls in Munich, but we can drink beer in the evening, so the chances are slim we'll be making that particular stop.

We're also getting more information on the HMT Show in Holland. As previously noted, this is Europe's premiere engine and tractor show, and even includes tractor pulls, according to our most recent information. By mid-April we'll be closing out our signup for the 1998 tour, so if you've been procrastinating, contact: C. H. Wendel's European Tour, Box 257, Amana, IA 52203 or e-mail us at for the itinerary.

Among other things, ye olde Reflector is pounding the keyboard once again, this time for our coming Standard Catalog of Farm Tractors. As things now stand, we'll be carrying this one into the 1960s and 1970s, depending on the particular company. This first edition will concentrate primarily .on American-made tractors, vis-a-vis the imported models. Even so, the new book will have considerably more information than our Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors, released in 1979. It seems impossible to us that we finished this book nearly twenty years ago!

Although the midwestern winter (at this writing in early February) has been exceptionally mild, we suppose that we'll have to get at least one dose of really nasty weather before the coming of spring. For us, the very thought of trying to start an old engine in cold weather stirs no enthusiasm whatever. However, by the time this copy is in your hands in March, it'll be time to start thinking of such things. Have a happy and safe year going to shows and exhibiting your engines and tractors!

This month, we begin with:

33/4/1 Simplicity Engine Q. See the photo of a 4 HP Simplicity engine, s/n AB7274. It is a throttle-governed kerosene engine. What is the correct color scheme? Any other information on this engine would also be appreciated. Bruce Pederson, 32909 C.R. 1,. St. Cloud, MN 56303.