A Brief Word

| April/May 1995

30/4/20 Electric Tachometer Q. See the photo of an Allen Electric Tachometer meter made by Simpson Electric Co. h is probably off some automotive tuneup equipment. With its range of 0-3500 rpm, I thought it would be ideal for checking the rpm of older tractors and engines. Can anyone tell me what the sending unit was like? Any information would be appreciated. Joe M. Tochtrop, 2028 McAllister St., San Francisco, CA 94118-4422.

30/4/21 Truscott Engine Q. I have a two-cylinder, four-cycle engine made by Truscott of St. Joseph, Michigan. I have been told it was made in 1895. The camshaft has only two lobes on it which operate only the exhaust valves; the intake valves are automatic. The original igniters are missing, as well as the mixer. Any information regarding this engine would be appreciated. Roy Davies, RR 1, Brace-bridge, ONT P1L 1W8 Canada.

A. The only illustration we have on this style is shown on page 515 of American Gas Engines, as well as the adjacent photo. We have found advertising as early as 1903, hut it is possible that they were active prior to that time.

30/4/22 Hesse Hornet Q. See the photos of a Hesse Hornet, made by Hesse Corporation, Kansas City, Missouri. It is a compressor unit built from a Jeep engine, in this instance, CJ3A, R3-J17117. It runs on two cylinders and pumps air with the other two cylinders. I would like to know more about this unit, when it was built, the color, etc. Would also like to hear from anyone owning one of these units. John W. Thompson, Rt. 8, Box 336, Live Oak, FL 32060.

30/4/23 Standard Scale & Supply Q. In the back of the pickup there is a Fairbanks-Morse 6 HP, a 1 HP John Deere, and a 3 HP engine from Standard Scale & Supply. I cannot find any information on the latter, and would like to learn more about this engine. Any help will be appreciated. Patrick M. Kelly, Rt 2, Box 48, Mt. Carroll, IL 61053.

A. Standard Scale was not an engine builder, but used other engines, the Novo in particular, on their cement mixers. Occasionally, a Novo engine will be found having 'SSS' cast into the crankcase hand hole plates instead of the usual 'Novo.'