A Brief Word

| April/May 1995

Recently we acquired a considerable amount of gas engine and tractor literature, some of it quite rare. Among this material is an 1886 brochure from the Korting Gas Engine Company, with the back page being shown here. Note that ten different sizes were available, ranging all the way up to 40 horsepower. Also note that it was 5 feet from the floor to the center of the crankshaft; the specs don't give us the flywheel diameter, but assuming it to be say, 60 inches, that would put us up to 93 inches at the top of the flywheel!

Within the brochure, the engine is known as the Krting-Lieckfeld gas engine. We are also told that this engine operated by varying the quantity or fuel admitted to the cylinder, with the air-to-gas proportions remaining the same. The interesting part of the design is that the system operated through the exhaust valve, doing so by varying the amount of exhaust gas expelled from the cylinder. Thus, the proportion of spent gas left in the cylinder and the amount of flammable fuel taken up on the intake stroke was variable, depending on the governor.

Also, note the full-page insert from a Stephen B. Church (Boston, Mass.) folder. The top figure is of a 'Joy' hopper cooled farm engine. A close look with a magnifying glass reveals the word 'OHIO' inside the triangle on the hopper. The lower engine is called an 'Ohio Standard Kerosene Oil' model. At first look it appears to be a Primm from Power Mfg. Co., Lima, Ohio. A closer look shows it to be a sideshaft engine.

We're not saying that Power Mfg. Company never built a sideshaft, but if so, this is the first illustration we've found. Likewise, we are puzzled by the OHIO mark clearly in the illustration above. Perhaps all of this will be grist for the mills of some of our readers.

Further details are coming together on the 1995 GEM tour to Germany and elsewhere. As we've noted before, this tour departs September 9, returns September 23. A major new development, and a wonderful one at that, comes with our arrival in Switzerland. Rather than stay in Luzern, Switzerland, for two days on our arrival, we'll instead He staying at the beautiful Sunstar Hotel in Grindelwald. Most rooms have balconies for viewing the spectacular mountain scenery. Grindelwald has a world-wide reputation as the 'glacier village' and has a 300km/180 mile network of hiking and mountain paths, plus a mountain bus, rail routes, and cable cars.


Built in sizes 2, 4. 6 and 12 Horse. The 4 Horse and larger furnished with TRIP MAGNETO.