A Brief Word

| April/May 1993

Garden Tractor


Morris Blomgren

28/4/16 Humphryes Engines Q. I have recently acquired a Humphryes engine, Model 940ET4, s/n 2964, mfd. by Humphryes Mfg. Co., Mansfield, Ohio. It is equipped with a Wico EK magneto. Can anyone provide further information on this engine? Earl R. Parrish, 3612 Ridgecrest Drive, Gautier, MS 39553.

A. Never heard of this one . . . has anyone else?

28/4/17 Garden Tractor Q. See the photo of an unidentified garden tractor, made in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has a spark plug on the top and one on the side. Does anyone know the reason for this? Morris Blomgren, 10139 Blomgren Rd., Siren, WI 54872.

A. Can anyone advise on this query?

28/4/18 Maytag Mower Q. Photo 18-A is before, and 18-B is an 'after' shot of a Maytag mower. The deck is a Monitor and the engine is a Twin. Was there a starting pulley on the engine? Any help will be appreciated. Maurice Biehn, 2805 E. Cedarwood Dr., Lake Bonnet Village, Avon Park, FL 33825.

A. Here's a problem for the Maytag experts.