A Brief Word

| April/May 1992

27/4/35 Alpha Engine Q. See the photos of a 3? HP Alpha DeLaval engine, Type F, s/n 55899. It is equipped with a Wico magneto, bracket no. W124 B, and two spark plugs. Anyone with info as to the purpose of the two plugs, and how the engine was wired, please advise. I also need the proper color scheme, and when it was built. Bert Herrera, PO Box 626, Laporte, CO 80535.

27/4/36 Pattin Bros. Q. See the photo of a Pattin Bros 20 HP engine, s/n 2002. I would like to know when it was built and what color it should be. This is a hot tube engine of two cycle design, and using natural gas for fuel. Any and all help will be appreciated. Timothy D. Beam, Rt 2, Box 56-C, Vale, NC 28168.

27/4/37 Lefthand LeRoi Q. See Photo 37A of a LeRoi single-cylinder engine with a 3? x4? inch bore and stroke. This is a left-hand running engine with a reduction gear output shaft. I need information as to the proper color, its age, and also some service information. Any help will be appreciated. Also see in Photo 37B a photo of our restored Meadows buhr mill. Does anyone know where I can find new rod and main bearings for a 1946 IHC LBB engine? Sam Spencer, 1285-A Lovett Rd., Orange Park, FL 32065.

Readers Write

27/1/16 John Rex Responds My copy of the Webster Numerical List shows that bracket 303K37 fits a Nelson Bros. 1? HP engine with an AK magneto, push rod assembly A325K37 and push finger 302K3. In 1925 this group listed at $7.00. Another bracket not listed in your Notebook is 303J78. This fits the Geo. Pohl 'Farmer's Favorite' engines having the large four-bolt ignitor. Also see reference to 303J90 in the March 1989 GEM, page 8 for another bracket not on your list. John Rex, 12 Gail Street, Chelmsford, MA 01824.

Our thanks to John for sending along this information. We're certain that there are numerous Webster brackets not yet listed, and this can be a valuable identification tool. As many of you know, the original list was acquired from the late Lester L. Roos of Geneseo, Illinois.

27/1/24 Gibson Tractors Several responses came in on this one, including a reference to an article found in the July 1985 GEM on page 2. This 'History of Gibson Manufacturing Company' provides some valuable information on the line.