A Brief Word

| April/May 1992

27/4/23 Walk-Behind Tractors Q. Photo 23A illustrates a Siemens Model K5 tractor built about 1933. It has a 5 HP two-stroke petrol engine. This is the oldest engine I was made in Berlin, Germany. Photo 23B illustrates a Bungartz Model H5, No. 19704, built ca. 1958. It has a Fichtel & Sachs Stamo 280 two-stroke petrol engine with 8 HP. Here it is fitted with a sicklebar mower, but all sorts of implements can be mounted, like rotary cultivator, plow, pumps, snow boards ,etc. This machine was built in Munich, Western Germany. It is one of my 18 different models of Bungartz. Photo 23C is a stranger in my collection, a Roof Mower, Model VP-75 with a Wisconsin engine, Model S-7D. In 1985 Teledyne Total Power of Memphis, Tennessee informed me that the engine had been manufactured in 1966. But in the same year the Roof Mfg. Co. of Pontiac, Illinois told me that they only used Briggs & Stratton and Tecumseh engines on their mowers, and also that my mower must have been manufactured in 1975 or later. Is there, anyone who can solve both the engine and the date mysteries? Michiel Hooijberg, Westdijk 12, NL-1463 PA BEEMSTER Netherlands Europe.

27/4/24 Champion Seeder Q. I need information on the seeder in the photo. The seed boxes are red with blue striping. It has writing on it, but I can't make it out. It appears the last word is CHAMPION. Elmer Ivy, RR 20, Box 332, Bloomington, IN 61701.

27/4/25 Gould, Shapley & Muir Q. I have a G S & M engine made in Brantford, Ontario. Mine is a 1? HP model, s/n 10790. However, it is not listed in American Gas Engines. Any information will be appreciated. Marcus Roosch, 519 So. Valley, New Ulm, MN 56073.

27/4/26 Minneapolis Crossmotor Q. What is the correct color scheme for a Minneapolis Crossmotor tractor, Type B, s/n 8934? I've been trying to get the proper scheme, but so far, without success. Any help will be appreciated. David Kyler, 1595 S. St., Rd 9, Columbia City, IN 46725.

A. We don't have the scheme either, so if some collector can provide this information let Mr. Kyler (and us) know what it is.

27/4/27 Unidentified Engine Q. See the photo of a marine type engine that so far is unidentified, although the previous owner thought it was a Temple. It uses a 4 inch bore and stroke, Kinston carburetor, and has a 14? x 2? inch flywheel. Overall height is 19? inches. I would like to get a positive identification, and any other information obtainable on this engine. John Horvat, 3110 N. Grant, Harrison, MI 48625.